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Company Secretary Services

Company secretaries are associated with limited companies.

Since 6 April, 2008 the Companies Act 2006 no longer legally requires a company secretary (unless stated by the articles of association when registering the company) for private organisations. That said, many limited businesses still appoint a company secretary to support the directors and, in particular, to liaise with shareholders.

Public companies are still required by law to appoint a company secretary.

What are company secretary services?

The services provided by a company secretary are mandatory in nature to include:

  • Companies House documentation
  • Annual statutory returns and confirmation statements
  • Preparation of dividend documentation

Statutory bookkeeping and informing governing bodies of company changes should be prompt and accurate. Fines of up to £5000 have been known for lapsed register records.

For larger organisations, a company secretary may carry out the following services:

  • Shareholder administration
  • Shareholder communication and reporting

Should the business need accountancy advice to restructure the shares or business formation, a company secretary can administer the requirements and prepare company minutes.

The benefits of outsourcing company secretary work

Without a company secretary the responsibility of filing records and answering to shareholder requirements falls to the company directors – who often have no time and a lack of understanding of what’s legally required.

Using the services of a company secretary is a weight off a business owner’s shoulders.

Key Accountancy Services can support your business in a company secretary role right from when you inaugurate.

Regular communication will ensure you meet all obligatory requirements and receive the correct advice to make informed decisions.

“The world of accounts is constantly changing with different company structures and being so careful of what does and doesn’t work. Using Xero and electronic applications makes is easier and Karen is on hand to train and answer any questions.”

“More automation would be a huge benefit and GDPR is a pain but when you have Key Accountancy Services onboard who needs to worry?!”

[FAQ] How can I use your company secretary services?

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